Thursday 16 May 2013

A Day in the Life...

Life in Dagbamete is entirely different than it was in Accra.  In the capital, energy was very high, like in any city, and it was very busy.  In Dagbamete, life is so serene.  It’s quiet and relaxed.  People take their time to enjoy life and daily tasks instead of rushing around trying to fit in as many errands as humanly (or inhumanly) possible.  

Each day we wake up to the sounds of roosters and sweeping.  Breakfast is ready for us each day at 8:00AM, and it’s always delicious.  Sweet bread with jam and butter, mini omelettes, TEA(!), or Nescaf√© and fermented corn porridge (an acquired taste!).  Next, we would typically head to our morning drum lesson, but yesterday we went for a village tour to greet the elders, and today we went to the school to make a presentation of donations and greet the children.  

In our drum lessons we’re learning Gota, and soon some Bobobo.  It’s a lot of fun, and our teachers (Torgbui Agbla and Selorm Agbesi) are patient and fun.  Everyone is making great progress learning the traditional drumming.  

 Lunch is served around 12or 12:30PM, and we have been enjoying things like fried fish, and yam chips.  Slowly the kitchen has been integrating some more traditional Ghanaian food into our diets, like Red Red (beans and fried plaintain) and Akble (corn starch dough ball with okra stew). 

Our afternoon drum lesson begins around 2:00PM, and for another two hours, we enjoy dancing, singing and drumming.  We usually have a couple hours to rest before dinner at 6:00PM, where we typically visit Angelina, the local seamstress, or venture to “the spot” for a cold afternoon drink.  Playing with the children is always an option; they’re always on our tails!  

After dinner we enjoy each other’s company, and slowly call it a night.  I feel so at home here in Dagbamete.  I feel so lucky and welcomed, and I appreciate everything here from the meals, to the kind words, and the lessons I’ve learned about taking time to enjoy life.  I miss home, but I know as soon as I get home, I’m going to miss this home, too.


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