Friday 24 May 2013

Last night Reflection...

As I listen to the booming speakers on the front porch, beckoning a good time, I realize this is our last night together. On the first night of our trip I remember thinking that I have to spend a whole three weeks here, by the end I’ll be begging to go home. The days crept up too quickly and the thought of not seeing my newly found friends everyday doesn’t seem real. Signing up for this course worried me, being in first year I thought it would be harder to appreciate the company of the older students. That wasn’t the case at all. We bonded and supported each other through every activity. Students from different programs taught us new things and new outlooks on our trip. What one person struggled with, another would understand, balancing our weaknesses. Practicing for our final concert felt safe, no judgment was brought to class. The concert was a blast other than the persistent sweat that drenched us like rain. Our first piece struggled slightly, but it was nothing our enthusiasm couldn’t handle. Nervous looks shot around which was then relieved by a peer’s reassuring smile. By the second half our focus was no longer on the audience or the fact we were being graded, but enjoying ourselves. Throughout this trip I’ve seen many things that have changed my perceptions, particularly about social situations. We don’t need to separate and make ourselves the prime focus in our lives; together we are stronger. 

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