Friday 10 May 2013

An Excellent Adventure...

Who knew buying water could be such an adventure?!

After going to the Afronet Café to shoot some emails home (Hi Mom!) Dennis, Kim, Rebecca and I decided to take a taxi and pick up some much needed cases of water.  Once we were picked up at a roundabout on the University of Ghana campus we were on our way.  We asked our driver about his rate, and if he could possibly wait for us while we made our purchases then return us to where he had picked us up, and he happily agreed.  Four cases of water and c48 later we were headed back on our way. 

Our one mistake? Asking to be returned to “the circle” where we’d been picked up. 

With the first turn we all knew we were headed in the wrong direction, but just assumed it was to avoid the heavy traffic.  After nearly running over a goat I became a little bit uneasy, but the path we drove was such a beautiful scenic route, and we saw many different neighbourhoods.  Twenty minutes later… still no sight of the campus, only a whole lot of busy traffic, and unfamiliar roads.  We realized we were really headed in the wrong direction.

After reminding the driver that we needed to “go back to the circle where we were picked up” and emphasizing that it was on the University of Ghana campus he realized the mistake and explained the different route: Apparently there is a very popular spot in the middle of the city called “The Circle” (another MAJOR roundabout, in fact) where he thought we wanted to go.  After some clarification, a bit more traffic, and another twenty minutes we were at the Yiri Lodge, water in hand, with an idea for a blog entry.

Good thing we found the T-Bell on campus where we could get a cold drink, relax, and share our story with the group.  And a bonus… it’s just like Ollies!­­­­­

Note to self: always call it a Roundabout… NOT a Circle.

A few of us at T-Bell

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