Saturday 25 May 2013

Celebration & Goodbyes

 The Dunyo Family has two strengths among many: gracious hosting, and their ability to make and enjoy a great party. When those two elements are brought together, it really is magic. And that was our last night in Dagbamete. A dance party and buffet to send us off in style. After an all ages thump thump dance party on the porch, we all squeezed into the Lodge: the Canadian visitors, our teachers Torgbi and Selorm, our drivers , some village elders and various others. As well as the whole assembled Dunyo clan who have been our amazing hosts for the last two weeks. The table was laid out with all the finest dishes Vivian, Mawukwenya, Adzo and Mansah and all the others could think up: chicken, fish from the catch we witnessed the day before, crab, goat kebabs (see Random Ghana blog post for some words about THAT) two kinds of rice, akple, dzakple (a personal favourite), mixed vegetables, salad, red sauce, goat soup and minerals (Fanta, Coke etc). And Torgbi hauled out the “Red”  a local herbal drink made form palm sap ;) and had Kofi, his star drummer and dancer from Dzogadze pour shots for all in the room. It was an amazing feast and there were many happy faces in that room!

 One of our students, Jodi, initiated making homemade Guacamole with all the lovely local ingredients. We all loved it, but it was a new taste for our Ghanaian friends. Served with rice crackers we found in the Mall in Accra (what, we haven't told you about the Mall?....a whole other post I suppose)

After dinner we assembled in the summer hut to pay tribute and thanks to our teachers as Salorm had to leave Dagbamete.  A few tears and lots of hugs.  Its been a very special time. Our father, Kwasi, who was not able to be in Ghana for this group’s tour, can be proud of what he has built and put into place. It’s a one of a kind experience for all who come. I was feeling pretty moved myself, thinking about all the years we have collaborated and shared some amazing times. Watching the next generation rise to the task was beautiful.

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