Thursday 2 May 2013

First Arrival....

I arrived safely in Accra and was greeted by old and dear friends who will be our hosts in the Volta Region during our second and third weeks. Although air travel is more common for Ghanaians now, there is still the wonderful tradition of getting dressed up, piling in a tro tro or cars and heading to Kotoka airport to greet whoever is arriving “home”. This is also done in reverse for the send off.  A very festive occasion, always. Ghanaians have an amazing ability to look sharp, stylish and put together no matter the heat, humidity, dust or long journey. Can’t say the same for myself. 

 I did manage to pick up a tattoo via the Amsterdam-Accra section of the journey….I dutifully put on my bug spray while on the flight, since we arrive at night and exit directly onto the tarmac. Somehow, the oil and 29% deet (!) managed to adhere to the side of the “Shop&Fly” bag from duty free that was at my feet and leave an amazing blue and yellow tattoo. I quite liked it. And it did not come off easily. A small price to pay for picking up a bottle of gin to dash to Hunua, Yao Dunyo  the head Priest  of the shrine in Dagbamete, where we will go later in the trip. I think he will be pleased to see the photo. -Kathy

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