Tuesday 7 May 2013

An afternoon and dinner with Elvis...

“Fie na wo” or “Good Evening” from Accra! We have just finished our second day of Ewe lessons in preparation for our two-week stay in the Volta Region. We have been fortunate enough to have such a wonderful nufiala (teacher), Elvis Yevudey. Elvis is not only enhancing our language skills but also our understanding of the Ewe people and their traditions. Today we received our Ewe day names, that is the name given to a person depending on which day of the week they were born.  It has been quite a challenge learning a new alphabet, and incorporating high and low tones into a language but I am enjoying every bit of it.  Dzo? Or dzo? Jump? Or go? All depends on the tone.

-Afi, (Friday born female) or Jodi

our classroom...then off to dinner at the "Living Room"


  1. You guys are looking pretty sunburned already! Hope it doesn't get too painful. Glad to hear y'all are having such a wonderful time.

  2. Hey Tanya,
    Don't confuse the effects of extreme heat and humidity with sunburn....no one is actually been out long enough in the sun to get sunburned. Its really just crazy hot here and our poor Canadian skin is reacting by swelling up and getting red. Not pretty. The locals call us "Obruni kaka" (red faced white person!)

    Thanks for your concern though ... I think you are our very first comment! We miss you and yes we are having a good time!


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