Tuesday 28 May 2013

Which way now....

 As everyone winds their way home, I want to say what a fantastic group of travellers this has been! Open of mind, respectful of tradition, curious of difference.  We have all deepened our experience of music and life on this trip. The students' willingness to make each day a great one, despite small illnesses, uncomfortable heat and new challenges was admirable. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and would do it again anytime. They have represented themselves and Carleton University well and I look forward to seeing where they all go from here....  Miaga dogo!

Big thank you from all of us,  to Carleton's FASS Dean John Osborne,
IAS Director Professor Blair Rutherford, and IAS Administrator June Payne
Special thanks also to U of Ghana Professor Joseph Yaro, Kwasi Dunyo and Godsway Dunyo


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